Server Rules ~ English

  • SpaceNation Codex

    The server rules are developed to promote an exciting game experience and a lag-free server.

    These rules are subject to change at any time, Please look over them from time to time, ignorance does not protect against punishment.

    The Server-Team is working hard with our new Wrapper, Plugins, and Rule-System to create an exciting game experience for everyone in preperation of the upcoming Universe Update! Much more than ever before is slowly becoming possible in the StarMade Universe!

    PVE / RP / PVP, builders / explorers / traders / and new players too!

    We ask players to think about what they are doing...

    If you're causing critical latency, we'll be glad if you take steps to reduce that latency, otherwise we will have to intervene and announce in a public chat that you are causing the lag and that you are working on a solution so that other players will not doubt.

    The Administration reserves the right to deal with heavy delays at its sole discretion, including removal of the offending entity without reimbursement.

    1. Player Etiquette

    1.1 National Socialism and Racism is not tolerated!

    National Socialist or racist names of factions, bases, or entities are not welcome and will be deleted without warning!

    Repeat offenders will be banned!

    1.2 Claiming to be an admin is bad advice, you are only warned once, non-compliance leads to a permanent ban.

    1. 3 Spamming or use of full CAPSLOCK is not wanted and will be punished with ban (timer=?).

    1.4 No vulgar expression in public chats, as well as playername / ships / base / faction name etc., repeat offenders will be banned!

    1.5 No spawn camping, griefing etc!

    1.6 Players intentionally causing lag (ramming objects, ignoring elements, ignoring rules, etc.) will you Perma-banned!

    1.7 We do not want flying boxes or bricks filled with systems and weapons (new player exception). We would like to see fully equipped ships that look like ships!

    If you do not want to build yourself, check the available BluePrints or you can find something decent from and even get help with the update.

    The administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to delete offending entities without refund!

    1.8 No cheating, bug using, exploits or hacking allowed (leads to Perma-ban!).

    1.9 No "Meta-Crap"!

    1.99 Misuse of multi-accounts for eg more motherships / carriers or homebases is not allowed.

    2. Stations / Ships ~  What & Where You Can Build

    2.1 From 1.1.1 to 6.6.6 and -6, -6, -6 no player space stations are to be built!

    2.2 In sectors with shops no stations may be built!

    2.2 Stations of different factions must keep a distance of at least 5 sectors between them...

    An agreement with the faction that the controls the system must be persued.

    In the case of a non-emergent alliance / coalition or desire for solidarity, the settler is to vacate the area and find their own, unclaimed system for thier base / main headquarters.

    2.3 Build your stations in the sector center best as possible, or ask an admin to center them for you.

    2.4 Keep the server clean, do not leave ships / cores all over the place / do not leave stuff at the spawn... It will be Recycled!

    2.5 Leaving the main galaxy is not permitted...

    Administrators will delete all entities found outside the main galaxy. Repeated violations lead to a permanent ban. To illustrate, this means remaining within 1000 sectors in each direction of the galactic center.

    3. Stations / Ships / Carriers / Fleets ~ How Big May It Be

    3.1 Station MAX 2000 meter X / Y / Z

    Any station that exceeds 500k or has a total mass of 500k and above must be checked for lag compliance. Tip * Such stations should be hidden in outer space (5-7 systems in the "VOID" and in empty systems without stars).

    3.2 Ship MAX 600 meter X / Y / Z

    Ships should not have more than 100 entities.

    Ships can have up to 250,000 mass, possibly including all docked units and turrets (test required).

    Weapons should not exceed 200 groups per ship (including turrets).

    Salvagers should not exceed 100 outputs / groups / beams.

    Ships that cause massive LAG due to their construction or operation will be deleted by Admins without reimbursment after 3 warnings!

    "Thrust Blast Chamber" is limited to "Fighter" size class only for server lag prevention purposes!

    3.3 Carrier / Squadren rules:

    One (1) Carrier / Mothership pro Ten (10) Faktion-Members:

    1 to 10 Members = 1 Carrier / Mothership + 1 Dreadnought
    10 to 20 Members = 2 Carrier / Mothership + 2 Dreadnought


    A distinction between a carrier fleet and a squadron fleet must be made.

    This means 20 MAX Fighter size craft + Fleet Leader (Pilot required)

    Carrier fleet limit = 21 ships Incl. Carrier (pilot required).

    Squadren fleet limit = 5 ships Incl. Squadron leader.

    This means 4 Wingmen + Squad Leader (pilot required).

    Your main ship must be piloted by you.

    Pilots without a registered Carrier may only use Squadrens.

    Although we would prefer that no turrets be used on fleet vessels, as this is the main cause of lag:

    For carrier fleets MAX 45 turrets allowed.

    Squadren Fleets MAX 50 turrets allowed.

    These can be AMS or damage turrets.

    Combine and mix as you like!

    When retired, ships must always be docked.

    You may use up to 2 combat groups per attack.

    This means either 2 squadron fleets or your carrier fleet + 1 remote-controlled squadron fleet. If you lead multiple battles throughout the galaxy, you can use two combat groups per attack.

    Squadren fleets are limited in size to 120,000 mass

    (Dreadnought Mass exception: MAX 6 Hangers with 4 Fighter class craft.)

    This includes all docked towers.

    Carrier fleets are limited to 280k mass.

    Failure to comply will result in the fleet being deleted without reimbursement!

    4. Planets ~ What can one do, what not

    If you must mine Planets, blow them up first!

    If you build on Planets do not let the ships collide or it will be destroyed!

    If it causes Lag Problems fix it or it will be destroyed!

    if you use planets to claim systems and go inactive it will be destroyed!

    Bug-Warning: Planets and "Decayed Stations" are known to reset back to default! 

    Be safe and only use spawned Stations, Admins can not restore lost stuff!

    5. Admins

    5.1 The instructions of the admins must be followed.

    5.2 Who obstructs, insults or kills admins due to their status or their duties will be warned 1 time followed by a ban timer thereafter.

    5.3 Admins may not gain any advantage in regular gameplay through their rights.

    5.4 Admins must always remain neutral and fair!

    6. Factions,  War & Fair Play Zones

    6.1 There are "Peace" zones (2x 1/4 circle) around the center of the galaxy.

    Unofficial PVP / War Activities within these Zones is forbidden!

    Non-compliance will be punished with a Perma-ban!

    6.2 Open PVP and Piracy is "only" allowed outside of these Zones!

    Non-compliance will be punished with a Perma-ban!

    6.3 PVE / FairPlay zones ( green highlighted zones ).


    These zones are for new Players and for those who are not interested in open PVP but would like to do other things ingame. This serves the Community as a whole, more Builders, more traders, more complexity, more life on the Server.

    Those that decide to live within the zones may not:

    1. commit acts of war against factions outside of the zones!

    2. commit acts of Piracy!

    Non-compliance will be punished with a Perma-ban!

    6.4 Four Pillars (systems) mark the area.

    The exact coordinates: X 223 to X -224 and Z 143 to Z -144

    Y 999 to -999

    6.5 Factions that settle outside of the zones are to fend for themselves!

    The Galactic "Griefing Kommando" ends at the border!

    Camping, sieges and spying is the order of the day, the server-team will not intervin!

    Defeated Factions always have the choice to move elsewhere!

    Even if you loose everything, we can not help you!

    By playing on our server, you are agreeing to have read and abide by all listed rules.

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